Ranking of Zodiac Signs by Who Is Most Difficult to Love

Although it may seem that everyone wants to love and to feel loved, there are people to whom we are attracted but which are still difficult to love. It seems as if we give them all there is and we still can’t connect to them.

Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about you when it comes to love. It can also tell what signs are hard to love and we list the ranking of zodiac signs by who is most difficult to love below.

  1. Virgo. Virgos like to create rules when it comes to relationships. Instead of being loving and caring, Virgos try to control their relationship. Although it is difficult to love them, it is worth it as they are one of the most loyal zodiac signs.
  2. Scorpio. Scorpios can be hard to love because they behave immaturely. They don’t do it on purpose – they simply grow up later than others. Thus, they usually don’t know what they want from their relationships, which makes it difficult to love them.
  3. Sagittarius. They are active and loving people. However, they have a hard time committing to someone. They have their own lifestyle and if you don’t like it, they won’t compromise about it. Their word usually has to be the last one, which makes their partners hard to love them.
  4. Aquarius. For such people, they first need to make friends with someone and only then fall in love with them. Before they can open up to you, they need to know you well. Betrayal for Sagittarius is the worst thing which can happen in a relationship and that’s why they have a hard time committing to someone.
  5. Capricorn. They are hard to love because they are extremely practical. If you are a romantic, it can be hard for you to love them as Capricorns don’t have a romantic side. They are reliable but they are not emotional.
  6. Gemini. People who are Geminis are loving and caring. They are extremely emotional and their emotional outbursts can overwhelm their partners, which makes it difficult to love them.
  7. Leo. Such people are passionate, independent and interesting. However, their strong sense of ego creates a lot of troubles when it comes to relationships. They want you tell them over and over again that they are the best thing which has happened in your life.
  8. Aries. They are active and if they want something, they will do whatever it takes to get it. If you are a calm person, it will be a challenge for you to be in a relationship with Aries as they can never stay still.
  9. Taurus. Taurus is reliable and loyal. However, such people prefer to spend their time passively and won’t engage into any adventures. Thus, if you are an active person, it may be difficult to be in a relationship with people who are Taurus.
  10. Libra. It is quite easy to love such people as for them your happiness comes first. People who are Libras treat you as a priority and it is quite easy to fall in love with them.
  11. Pisces. Pisces will love you with all their heart. However, they expect the same from you too as they like to put everything in balance. However, if you don’t take love seriously, your relationship won’t work.
  12. Cancer. This zodiac sign is meant for loving. Being in a relationship with Cancer is very rewarding. They not only will love you with all their heart but will do everything they can in order to fulfil all your wishes.

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