Why People Break Your Heart, According to Their Zodiac Sign

There are a lot of reasons why people get their hearts broken. When they can’t find answers, they tend to blame themselves. When they are confident, they don’t believe that it was their fault. All they know is that someone doesn’t want to be with them and realizing it can hurt them a lot.

That’s why a lot of people turn to zodiac signs to know what it can be that people break their hearts. Below is a list of zodiac signs and explanations why people break your heart.

  1. Aries. The reason why you get your heart broken is because you don’t let people see your kindness. You appear as extremely independent and being preoccupied more with yourself than with everyone else.
  2. Taurus. You are stubborn and can’t forget when someone does something bad to you. You remember things from your past and complain about them a lot, which makes it for your partner difficult to be with you.
  3. Gemini. Such people are free-spirited. Nothing can tie them down. When they are in relationships, they still do what they want without considering their partners’ needs and that’s the main reason why they get dumped.
  4. Cancer. Cancer is very needy. They take care of their partners to such a point that they completely overwhelm them. They don’t know how to give free space to their partners which becomes the main reason why their hearts get broken.
  5. Leo. Such people get their hearts broken because they can be very vain and self-centered. Leo wants to win every argument and always wants to be right. This quality is usually the main one which breaks Leo’s relationships.
  6. Virgo. The main reason why you get your heart broken is that you are too jealous. You want to know every detail happening in your partner’s life. If you have certain doubts, it can destroy you. In order to have a relationship you always wanted, you need to learn how to trust someone.
  7. Libra. Libras get involved in relationships with people who are not meant for them. They choose someone who doesn’t fit their ideals and try to change them so that they would be more attractive to them. Instead of trying to change someone, you have to accept them with all their flaws and habits.
  8. Scorpio. Scorpios can be quite passionate, which sometimes works to their disadvantage. Their passionate side usually shows through jealousy and inappropriate actions. You want to own your partner and control him, which creates major issues in your relationship.
  9. Sagittarius. Sagittarius has an adventurous spirit. They are extremely extrovert people and it can become quite tiring for your partner. Thus, if your partner refuses to go on a new adventure with you, you should understand him that not all people can keep up with you and they need a break once in a while.
  10. Capricorn. The main reason why you get your heart broken is that you don’t trust people. You want them to prove to you that you can trust them. You feel that they have to earn your trust. However, it usually causes only problems in your relationships.
  11. Aquarius. You like to talk a lot. You are witty and intelligent but sometimes your comments can hurt other people. Thus, you need to know when to stop and because you rarely do, it becomes the main reason why you get your heart broken.
  12. Pisces. Pisces are very emotional. They find it hard to let their exes go. They usually get involved into a new relationship right away, just to prove their exes a point. However, no one will ever feel comfortable being with you if you don’t get over your past relationships as they will always stand in your way of being happy with someone new.

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