What Are Empaths? 10 Empath Traits

In short, empaths are those people who tend to recognize other people’s feelings faster than anyone else. Their own feelings and emotions are on a higher level than normal people. Thus, sometimes being an empath can be quite a struggle since such people take other people’s emotions as their own, and if they are negative, empaths become negative, too.

Thus, how to know if you are an empath? Below is a list of characteristic traits which most of empaths share.

  1. You are extremely emotional and sensitive. This is one of the main traits which empaths have. Empaths share everything in their lives with other people and if their feelings get hurt, it is hard for them to deal with it.
  2. You are likely to spend more time alone than with others. Because of the fact that you get involved into other people’s feelings so much, it is not surprising that it drains you emotionally and you need to be alone to regroup.
  3. You are easy to manipulate. One of the disadvantages of being an empath is that others can use you for their own good without you even realizing it. Thus, you should be very careful with people around you.
  4. Your intuition is usually right. You get to know the outcomes of certain events or circumstances before they even happen. For example, you can spot some dangerous situation faster than others or you can see a romance evolving between two people quicker even than their closest people.
  5. You take what other people are feeling. As it has been described already, empaths treat other people’s feelings as if they were their own. Thus, it is important to surround yourself with positive people if you don’t want to become negative. Also, you have to recognize your own feelings.
  6. You are creative. Empaths tend to get involved in arts more than other people. Moreover, you are probably more inspired to do something just because your feelings are so deep whereas others may need some external motivation to do the same thing.
  7. You are a great listener. This is because of the fact that empaths easily put themselves in other people’s situations. Thus, if someone has problems, they probably first run to you because they know that you will understand them better than others.
  8. You are not likely to say no even to things which you actually don’t want to do. For empaths it is difficult to refuse if other people are asking them something to do simply because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  9. You can tell when someone is lying. Thus, you can choose to whom you can tell your secrets as you know who is more likely to blab them out and who will keep it to themselves.
  10. You are anxious. Being kind is a good trait to have. However, when you try to help other people and also have a life of your own, it can make you tired and more anxious than usual.

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