The Biggest Pros & Cons of Dating Each Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs can describe our personalities perfectly. When you meet someone, one of the main things you need to know is what their zodiac sign is. Based on them, you usually see if that person is compatible with you or not.

Thus, below is a list of 12 zodiac signs and what are advantages and disadvantages of dating them.

  1. Aries. Although Aries are extremely adventurous and fun-loving people, they are also known to be too hard on themselves if they fail in doing something. During such times, they want to be left alone and won’t answer your calls or messages.
  2. Taurus. Such people are attractive and they always want to make their other halves feel safe and secure. On the other hand, Taurus is one of the most stubborn zodiac signs and it can sometimes make it difficult to reach compromises with them.
  3. Gemini. People who are Gemini are smart and intelligent. They like to talk and will always put your needs and wishes before theirs. But because they feel as if they know everything or know more than you, they can make you feel not as smart as they are.
  4. Cancer. When Cancer is in a relationship, they become fully committed to it. You can talk about everything with them and they won’t tell your secrets to anyone. However, when they are angry, they can get into a defensive mood. Also, they have mood swings quite often.
  5. Leo. People who are Leos are funny. They are known to have a great sense of humor and love adventures. On the other hand, they can make you feel bad without realizing it as they disregard other people’s feelings.
  6. Virgo. Virgos take other people’s feelings into consideration. They also treat your needs as a priority. But they are extremely sensitive people and this quality makes them lash out at people who have done nothing bad to them.
  7. Libra. Libras like to flirt, they are attractive and lovable. They are also known to tease their partners, which sometimes can become quite annoying, especially if you are a sensitive person. In addition, when you have conflicts, they get into a defensive mood and won’t talk to you about it till their anger passes.
  8. Scorpio. Scorpios are able to connect to their partners both emotionally and physically. They are extremely passionate. On the other hand, their level of passion and intimacy is so high that sometimes it can scare their partners away.
  9. Sagittarius. They enjoy conversations, adventures and simply have a good time. Because they are always looking for new adventures, it can be uneasy for someone who is more relaxed to be in a relationship with them. Also, sometimes you may not know if they want to have something serious with you or not as they rarely talk about their feelings.
  10. Capricorn. Capricorns are loyal and honest, thus, you won’t have to worry that they will cheat on you. But they can easily turn into manipulators without even realizing it. Capricorns tend to control people because they don’t feel secure in their relationships.
  11. Aquarius. Aquarius likes to exercise his mind. He is always ready to try new things. But Aquarius rarely relies on their feelings, which makes it hard for them to fall in love. Also, they like to be in control when it comes to relationships.
  12. Pisces. Pisces are known not only to be your romantic partners, but also your best friends. They are good listeners and have a great sense of humor. But they can be too sensitive at times and won’t tell you what made them upset.

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