The 7 Most Enviable Human Traits

Children are often asked what they want to become when they get older. But even when you become older, you still keep asking yourself what you want to be. But there is a little difference here – instead of thinking about your profession, you think about a person you want to become.

Thus, below is a list of 7 personality qualities most people want to have.

  1. Not taking things too seriously. People waste so much time thinking what others think of them. They try to please everyone and refuse doing something which they really want but think that others won’t accept. However, what people don’t understand is that people’s opinions about you are rarely based on you. They are formed out of their own experiences and backgrounds. It only makes such people close-minded and rude.
  2. Not being defined by your story. You should understand that what happened in the past doesn’t define you. What happened – happened. It can’t be brought back. Only your current actions can tell your story. Thus, instead of thinking too much about your past, you should pay attention to your present.
  3. Letting your best be good enough. Perfection doesn’t exist, yet people tend to forget it quite often. They think they are not good enough and that makes them feel inadequate and incapable of doing something. They feel worthless. In order to be good enough, you have to set realistic goals and go after them. When you know you do the best you can, it is good enough.
  4. Taking risks. Taking risks is important because you will never know what good things are waiting for you. Be strong enough to jump into the unknown. Not being afraid to risk is what makes your life more exciting.
  5. Letting others live on their own terms. Such people don’t judge others. They understand that not everyone is supposed to live their lives in a way that they do. They don’t say things which can hurt others. People who have this trait don’t make decisions for others. They know that they can be responsible only for their own lives.
  6. Having infinite capacity to love. Loving with all your heart can be quite dangerous as there are a lot of people in the world who will take your love for granted and will hurt you. However, being a loving and generous person defines you better than anything else.
  7. Living the width of your life. We don’t live forever. Thus, we should take everything what life offers to us. Instead of thinking how long you will live, you should focus on how you will live it. And the best way to do so is to live a life with as less regrets as possible.

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