6 Signs You’re an Old Soul Stuck in the 21 Century

An old soul is someone who feels older than his age is. People who have old souls are very compassionate, have a strong sense of intuition and are extremely intelligent. Old souls feel as if they are not in the place and time they should be. Therefore, they constantly seek for purpose and meaning in life.

Below is a list of 6 main signs which show that you may be one of such people.

  1. You feel alone. Because of the fact that you are more intelligent and more compassionate than people of your own age, you find it hard to make friends. Most of your time you spend by yourself because people can’t relate to you and you are usually left misunderstood.
  2. You crave for new knowledge. You are interested in the world. You want to know everything and you always seek to find the truth. You believe that the more you know, the smarter you become. Thus, people will never see you gossiping or reading tabloids.
  3. You are spiritually inclined. You have a strong connection to the spiritual world. You are very sensitive and emotional. You want the world to be peaceful and you spread love wherever you go.
  4. You are thoughtful. You like to be alone because it is your time to think. You like to analyze everything in detail. In such a way, you raise your own self-awareness. Also, when you think, you can analyze other people’s behavior and understand your own actions better.
  5. You are not focused on material things. You don’t care about the newest technologies. It doesn’t bother you that you don’t have the newest cellphone. You don’t see any point in valuing material things which can go out of trend in a moment.
  6. You struggle with anxiety in social situations. Old souls like to enjoy their solitude. When they are around other people, they don’t feel comfortable. Large crowds drain their energies quite fast and as a result they become anxious and suffer panic attacks.

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