6 Signs You Are Way Too Good for Someone

If you beat yourself up that you have wasted a lot of time dating someone who was wrong for you, you should keep in mind that such thing happens to all people at least once in their lives. It is possible that in the beginning of your relationship everything was going well but then suddenly your emotions changed and you started wondering whether this person is really good for you or not.

Thus, it is important to recognize those people for who you are too good as you won’t be treated in a way that you should be. Below is a list of 6 signs which show that you have to let go of that person and look for someone who actually deserves to be with you.

  1. They lack ambition. Having goals is sexy. However, you not only have to have them but also create a plan how to achieve them and act according to it. Therefore, if you are with someone who doesn’t have any goals in life, you will get bored. They won’t challenge you and won’t support you because they simply don’t know what it means having dreams and actually doing something in order to fulfil them.
  2. They aren’t honest. It is important to trust and be honest if you want your relationship to work. You know you are not with the right person if you constantly catch them lying to you and when you want to talk about it, they become defensive. If you keep a relationship going with such people, in a long run you will become negative too as you will show that such behavior is acceptable.
  3. They make you feel inferior to them. It is another sign of toxic relationships. If you want to share your achievements with them and they tell you that it is no big deal, such people are not supporters and they don’t know how to be happy for others. Such reaction also shows that these people are only interested in themselves and being in a relationship with egoistic person will only make you feel worse.
  4. They don’t make any efforts anymore. In the beginning, both people seem to be putting a lot of efforts in making a relationship work but as time goes by and you get used to each other, you realize that you spend time together out of necessity and not because you love each other. If you are the only one who tries to put some magic back into your relationship, your other half is definitely not worth you as it shows that he doesn’t care about your bond.
  5. You communicate your concerns but nothing changes. Have you ever been in such situation when you tell your partner what bothers you, he seems to be listening and even promises to change but then you don’t see any changes? If your partner doesn’t do anything in order to bring positivity into your relationship, he is not worth being with you.
  6. They are extremely jealous and insecure. People who are jealous and have insecurity issues like to control their partners as it is their way of dealing with their own problems. Nobody likes to be controlled and if you talk about it with your partner, but once again he doesn’t do anything about it, it is best to let such a person go.

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