6 Red Flags the Person You’re Dating Isn’t Actually in Love With You

Even if your partner says ‘I love you’ quite often, you may still doubt his feelings as some of his actions may not align with what he says. Thus, below is a list of 6 signs which show that your partner isn’t actually in love with you although he says that he is.

  1. He stopped texting you in the morning and before going to sleep. Some couples create habits such as saying good morning to each other and texting good night before going to sleep. If you notice that your partner stopped doing such things, it is a sign that he is not interested in your relationship that much anymore and he has only led you to believe that there is something serious between you two.
  2. They stopped attending your family’s events. Even if your family is not their cup of tea, loving partners know that such people are important to you and they will accompany you in your family’s events. If your partner constantly refuses to visit your family, it is a sign that he doesn’t want to bond with them as he is not serious about you.
  3. You notice that they constantly check other people’s Instagram or Facebook profiles. It is ok to have friends but if your partner repeatedly looks at someone else’s half-naked photos and even likes or comments on them, he doesn’t respect you. Also, he finds someone else more attractive and it for sure means an end to your relationship.
  4. They lie to you. Constant lies in a relationship lead to major issues. When you partner keeps lying to you, he treats you unworthy of the truth. It doesn’t matter if he lies about something small or serious – a lie is still a lie. Someone who loves you should always be honest and tell you the truth.
  5. They never apologize. Even the happiest couples have arguments but if you repeatedly have to say sorry for something which was not your fault, your relationship won’t grow. People who love you shouldn’t blame you for their own mistakes. On the other hand, if someone makes you feel guilty all the time even when they know that it was their fault, they for sure don’t love you.
  6. They say the magic three words very quickly. If it is only your second date and your partner has already told you that he loves you, you should get suspicious. Usually people wait longer until they say it. Those who quickly utter such phrase usually have one goal and that is to have sex with you as men know that women like to hear that they are loved. Thus, when men say it in the beginning of your relationship, they usually don’t really mean it.

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