6 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People

Your emotional state depends a lot on what you do. If you have been feeling unhappy lately, below is a list of things you may be doing wrong. In order to be more positive, you should avoid these 6 behaviors.

  1. You always focus on the bad. Even the happiest people experience bad things in life. But what they do differently is find something positive in every situation. On the other hand, unhappy people can find something bad even when everything seems to be going right. They focus on what is bad and can overthink bad situations even when they are in the past.
  2. You want to control everything. Unhappy people are scared of unexpected events. They think that they have to control everything, even things which are not in their control zone. But happy people know what depends on them and what doesn’t. They focus more on what they can change and let the life do the rest.
  3. You believe that life is fundamentally hard. Every day you wake up, you prepare yourself for never ending battles. You see life as your enemy. You don’t think that something good will ever happen to you. You don’t focus on the positive side of life, which for sure exists.
  4. You gossip and complain a lot. You think that your life is full of struggles. You complain to other people how hard life is treating you while some other person has it all figured out. You hate to see other people succeed and you gossip about them. You find yourself more comfortable talking about trivial things rather than discussing deeper subjects.
  5. You constantly compare yourself to others. We are all different and we have different paths in life. What is meant for one person may not be necessarily meant for you. People who are unhappy are miserable about their lives and this feeling intensifies even more when they compare their lives to others.
  6. You fill the empty space you have inside you with things. Because you are feeling unhappy, you believe that this feeling will go away if you buy yourself something nice and expensive. In such a way, they also want to brag to others that they lead a happy life when in fact deep inside they feel miserable.

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