6 Golden Rules for Strong Relationships That Are Backed by Science

As much as love has been researched, this feeling is still the most confusing one. Although scientists don’t have exact facts how to make someone fall in love with you, they have made a list of rules which can help you strengthen your relationships.

Thus, if you want to make your bond stronger, below are listed the main rules which can help you.

  1. Focus on your partner’s positive qualities. If you concentrate on positive thoughts about your partner, it can strengthen your relationship. Instead of constantly picking on your partner, you should learn how to ignore his flaws and focus on his good qualities. Also, you shouldn’t judge him. Also, in this way you can become better at solving problems as you won’t be dwelling on what happened in the past and won’t bring up bad memories.
  2. Express your affection to your partner physically. Scientists have found out that people who are in relationships wish that their partners would show love to them in physical ways more often. When you try to appear not accessible, it only damages your bond. Such physical expressions can be as light and innocent as a kiss on the cheek or a hug. In addition, if you have been together for a long time, having regular and constant sex is extremely important.
  3. Talk with your partner face-to-face. Communication is important in any relationship. However, it is also important in which way you choose to communicate with your partner. It has been proven that your relationship will last longer if you choose to talk with your partner face-to-face rather than virtually or through text messages.
  4. Explore new and challenging activities together. It is important to spend time with each other but it is more important in what ways you spend it. Scientists have found out that going on challenging adventures and trying new activities with your partner can strengthen and improve your bond. It is extremely important for men, who can share their passion of going to adventures and trips with their partners.
  5. Give each other space – but not too much. As much as you are in love with each other and want to spend every minute by each other’s side, you need to understand that a little bit of time away from your partner can give you a chance to miss him more. However, when you give your partner space, you can’t be too distant and stop texting him. You need to find a balance between not becoming too clingy and not appearing ignorant.
  6. Maintain other passions outside your relationship. You should be able to stay excited about your life outside the relationship as much as you are excited about your love life. The more you are excited about your hobbies and passions, the more you will be able to put efforts in your relationship and make it stronger.

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