6 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is an Impatient Person

People who are impatient are often seen as rude. People believe that all their care about is their own needs. But there is a plus side to being impatient – you don’t waste your time doing unimportant things and instead you focus on your tasks.

Below is a list of 6 most common behaviors impatient people tend to do.

  1. They don’t have time to wait in long lines. It can really get on their nerves if impatient people have to wait in long lines, may it be to the bathroom or simply at the BMV. They realize that instead of doing things which are important, they have to spend their time waiting which is completely unproductive.
  2. They hate being in traffics. Traffics can be a real test for impatient people. They understand that they can’t move other cars out of their way and they express this anger through body language and screaming. They may show rude gestures at other drivers and let the whole traffic know that they are upset.
  3. For them, waiting is offensive. Impatient people get extremely offended and angry if someone is late to meet with them. If you decided to meet at 6 pm, you’d better be there on time if you don’t want to make such a person upset.
  4. They have a lot of nervous energy. It is very easy to notice such people in a room. They spread negative and nervous energy by pacing back and forth, constantly crossing legs when sitting, and they usually have anxious and nervous facial expressions.
  5. They hate it when others tell them to be patient. People who are impatient are also very anxious. Thus, as it is difficult to relax for an anxious person, it is also difficult to wait for an impatient person.
  6. They always plan ahead. Another feature which impatient people possess is that they have to plan their futures. If they are planning a trip, they feel the need to plan every single day. For impatient people, there is no room for spontaneity.

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