5 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You, According to Body Language and Deception Experts

If you think that you could easily tell when someone is lying to you, think again. The American Psychological Association has found out that to spot a liar is a difficult task. However, scientists have found out some signs which show that someone is definitely lying to you.

Firstly, in order to tell that someone is lying, you need to know their behavior when they are telling the truth. For example, if your friend is usually silent and shy and suddenly he becomes very talkative, such change in his behavior can be a sign that he is lying.

Below are mentioned 5 ways which show that someone is trying to deceive you.

  1. You detect a frown or a smirk for just a moment. Such sporadic facial expressions show that a person is not telling the truth. For example, your friend may tell you something and then as soon as he finishes talking the corners of his mouth turn into a frown. Or a friend tells you something and when he sees that you believe it, he lets out a small and silent laugh.
  2. They keep looking at the exit. When someone is lying to you, they may constantly look at their phone or to the nearest exit, which shows that they would rather not talk about it as they feel guilty that they are lying to you.
  3. It takes longer than usual to answer. It happens because a liar has to accept two realities – the truth and the lie. Thus, it can take a longer time for him to form his answer. He knows what is right but he can’t come up with a false story on the spot, which makes you wait for an answer longer than usual.
  4. They answer with a question. This is one of the most common techniques to lie. For example, you might ask your partner at what time he left his work and he may reply to you “Why do you ask? I always leave my work at the same time”. He may add that you never remember anything related to him and in such a way he tries to make you guilty.
  5. They talk about honesty. In order to make you believe what liars say, they may start the topic by using words such as “Honestly”, “I want to be honest with you”, etc., which means that they are being truthful with you when in fact they are preparing you in such a way to hear a lie.

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