5 Signs You Have a Real and Faithful Gentleman by Your Side

All women have different ideas of a dream man. Some want a man who would take care of himself, others want a man who would treat them as princesses, whereas others want a man who would be able to connect to them on an emotional and spiritual level. But all women would agree that they need someone who would be faithful to them.

Below is a list of 5 signs which show that you have found a loyal man and you should never let him go.

  1. He texts and calls you at random times. You understand that your man is busy at work and you don’t bother him by texting and calling. But then, as busy as he is, he calls you when you least expect it. It shows that such a man, even when he is busy, is still thinking about you.
  2. His friends know all about you. A true gentleman would not hide you from his family and friends. If he introduces you to them, it means that he is thinking seriously about you and sees you as his future partner. He is proud to have you by his side and is not afraid to go out with you in public.
  3. Intimacy is not just about sex. You probably have dated such guys who could care less about your well-being and emotions and all he wanted to do is have sex. That is not a gentleman. You found a keeper if you can connect with him not only physically but also emotionally. Such a man loves spending time with you just talking or going on romantic dates.
  4. He wants to know everything about you. Even if you don’t have the same hobbies, your partner wants to know more about what you like to do on your free time. He wants to know what you ate for breakfast today and what you will do after work not because he is nosy or controlling, but because he is truly interested in you.
  5. He has eyes only for you. Even when you are out with friends, you partner gives all his attention to you. He doesn’t care that there are other women as all he can see is you. He is not that type of men who would flirt with others when you are next to him. He is proud to call you his girlfriend and treats you specially.

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