5 Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

It gives us a certain pleasure when we know that someone is thinking about us. It makes us feel important and needed. On the other hand, not all people think positively about others. You may be on someone’s mind because they want to harm you, and in this case it is also important to know if someone is thinking about you so you could stay away from such people.

Whatever the case is, there are 5 signs which show that someone may be thinking about you.

  1. Sneezing. When you feel your nose itching and it results into you repeatedly sneezing, it is one of the most common signs that someone is thinking about you. However, if your sneezing is a result of a cold, it has nothing to do with it. If you sneeze twice, it means that someone is thinking negatively about you, whereas if you sneeze three times or more, it shows that someone has positive thoughts about you.
  2. Burning sensations in ears or cheeks. If you don’t feel embarrassed about anything, you don’t feel hot and you haven’t overdone your makeup, red cheeks and ears mean that someone is talking negatively about you, especially if these two places start getting red at the same time. But if only your ears turn red, it means that someone may be in love with you and thinking about you at that moment.
  3. Hiccups. If you haven’t eaten a lot and you start hiccupping, it is also a sign that someone is thinking about you. However, it means that they are thinking negatively or even gossiping about you. In order to know who that person is, you have to say a random name out loud and if you stop hiccupping it means it is exactly that person who is thinking badly about you.
  4. Your eyes start twitching. If you are a man and your right eye starts twitching, it means that someone is in love with you. But if it is your left eye, it means that someone has negative thoughts about you. On the other hand, if you are a woman, twitching right eye means that someone thinks badly about you, whereas twitches in your left eye mean that someone likes you.
  5. Discomfort while eating. Imagine you began eating calmly and not rushing anywhere. Then suddenly you start to choke and feel that food is not that tasty although you were enjoying it a couple of seconds before. It means that someone is tensed about you and has concerning thoughts and you can feel this tension, too, even if you are not near that person.

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