5 Signs It Is Your Soul That Is Exhausted, Not Your Body

When life throws us unexpected challenges, we get stressed out. Stress can affect your body and mind immensely. Because of the fact that our bodies and souls are strongly connected, when our mind is messed up, it is reflected through our physical experiences. Although you may think that your body needs rest, it is actually your soul that is tired.

Below are the main signs which show that it is your mind and soul that are exhausted, not your body.

  1. You often space out. When we experience something negative, it seems that our mind can think only about it. We may have a lot of work to do but we can’t focus on it because the negative thoughts go through our heads over and over again. And then suddenly you come back to reality and completely forget what you were actually doing before those negative thoughts appeared. If such things happen to you quite a lot, it is one of the main signs that your mind needs to rest.
  2. You are emotionally vulnerable. You start to feel everything more intensely than you felt before. Every little thing seems to make you sad or upset. Every time something happens not according to your plan, you feel the need to cry. Also, one minute you may be extremely overjoyed and another minute you are angry. This emotional vulnerability also shows that your soul is exhausted.
  3. You feel alone in a crowd. The worst feeling you can think of is being with people about who you care but who don’t pay attention to you and don’t understand what you are going through. In such situations, you only want to have a good time with people you love but the thought that they have no idea what is going on with you scares you and you feel completely alone.
  4. You feel anxious all the time. Your mind doesn’t let you relax and forget your responsibilities. When something happens, you imagine the worst case scenario. You feel anxious and worried in whatever you do. You may even find a hard time falling asleep. In addition, it gets even worse if your constant anxiety causes panic attacks.
  5. Your body aches. Because constant anxiety makes your body tensed, your muscles can’t relax. Such tension can wear you out quite fast. Also, you start to have headaches and stomach aches, as these two parts of your body suffer from stress the most.

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