5 Red Flags to Watch Out for in Your Relationship

It is always easier to spot a toxic relationship which doesn’t involve you but it is harder to accept it when you get involved into one. Although you may be the first one to tell your friend to get out of a toxic relationship, you won’t do it that fast if it happened to you.

Thus, it is never easy to break bonds with someone who you love but who doesn’t treat you with respect. There are 5 signs which show that your relationship is extremely toxic and in order to be happy, you need to stay away from such people.

  1. Your partner makes you feel bad about yourself. A healthy relationship is where both people accept each other just how they are. If your partner wants you to make some changes in your behavior or your looks which don’t seem acceptable to you, you should be cautious. It becomes even worse when instead of lifting your spirit up, he always brings you down by harsh comments and rude language.
  2. Your partner makes you doubt about his feelings towards you. Some people like to play games by appearing too confident and unapproachable. However, when you are in a relationship with someone, one of the most important things is to show affection to each other and let them know how you feel. But if your partner plays hard to get, it is a red flag that you either need to talk about it and find solutions or leave such a person behind.
  3. Your partner doesn’t listen to you. It is because he is not interested in your opinions or your life. If you notice that whenever you talk your partner is always on his phone or does other stuff and pretends to be listening, you have stepped into a toxic relationship zone.
  4. Your partner doesn’t support your goals. Someone who truly loves you should motivate you and it doesn’t matter how silly your goals appear to them. If you talk to your partner about your dreams and instead of supporting you he laughs at you, he doesn’t believe that you are capable of reaching them and instead of motivating you he makes fun.
  5. They put pressure on you when it comes to having sex. Being physically intimate is quite a big decision. No one should rush you into it if they truly love you. If you notice that your partner is always talking about it and even complaining that you don’t want to have sex with him, you should watch out for such a relationship.

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