5 Reasons Why People Who Cry a Lot Are Mentally Strong

Happiness is associated with security, stability, positivity and other good things. We are also taught that if we are happy, we attract others towards us and it helps us socialize. On the other hand, sadness is perceived as a negative feeling, which keeps others away from us. When we are sad, we usually cry and crying is believed to be a sign of weakness.

However, you would be surprised to know that people who cry a lot are in fact extremely mentally strong and in order to prove this point we list 5 reasons.

  1. Such people aren’t afraid of their emotions. When we are happy, we are not afraid to show our smiles. However, something different happens when we are sad. It seems that this emotion should be avoided because it brings negativity. However, life is comprised of both negative and positive moments and those people who embrace both of these sides are mentally strong.
  2. They understand that tears can help their healing process. When we cry, we get rid of stress, anxiety and frustration. Thus, tears can help heal you faster. If you keep extreme emotions and feelings inside you and refuse to cry although you want to, you only do damage to yourself as sooner or later you won’t be able to keep everything inside.
  3. They know that crying can be therapeutic. When you have problems and don’t find any solutions to them, crying can be extremely helpful. After you cry you feel better as you get rid of all negative emotions which don’t let you focus on issue at hand. Therefore, even though a problem doesn’t disappear as you can’t cry it out, it makes it easier to focus and solve it.
  4. They don’t care about gender roles or societal expectations. Some people still believe those stereotypes which state that if a woman cries, she needs attention, and if a man cries, he is not a real man. However, these stereotypes are not true at all and only mentally strong people realize it. Thus, it doesn’t matter what your gender is, suppressing emotions is not healthy for both sexes.
  5. They motivate others not to hide their feelings. When people who are least expected to cry do cry, they show that it is completely ok to do so and in some way invite others also to let their emotions out.

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