5 Reasons Why Crying Is a Sign of Strength

It is normal for us to cry when we feel sad or desperate. However, crying is not always about negative things. Surprisingly, it can show that a person in fact is extremely strong.

People still perceive crying as a sign of weakness, however, there are 5 reasons which show that crying can also be a sign of strength.

  1. Tears help release grief and pain. When you are grieving, crying is a perfect way to release all negative energy and emotions which you have bottled up inside. In this case, it helps you faster overcome painful situations. Therefore, such people understand that it is better to let everything out than to keep all feelings inside.
  2. Tears are healthy. Have you known that when you cry, you get rid of all bacteria? It is because tears are not made up only of water but also of other toxic substances which we need to get rid of if we don’t want to be diagnosed with various illnesses.
  3. Tears help get rid of stress. When we cry, certain changes happen in our bodies. During crying, our body releases stress hormones and after they are gone, a person feels better and happier. Thus, when you feel stressed, you shouldn’t fight against your tears – just let them out and you will feel better instantly.
  4. Tears help process grief. When we are grieving over something, it is important for us to cry as in a long run keeping your tears inside in such situations will only do harm to yourself. It is completely normal to cry if you just have lost someone dear to you or divorced with your loved one.
  5. Tears help people fighting against depression feel better. Crying can put your emotional well-being in balance. When you are depressed, you try to keep a brave face and appear happy. However, in such a way you only deceive yourself and keep your emotional state imbalanced. In order to feel better and at ease, it is normal if you cry. You will notice that as soon as you let your tears out, you become even more productive and can focus better on your daily tasks.

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