5 Reasons Most Men Can’t Handle a Deep Woman

It is quite surprising that the deeper intellectually someone is, the higher the chance that he is single. Women want to have a partner with who they could talk about various deep subjects. However, for men it is quite difficult to be with a woman who is deep and intelligent. There are 5 reasons why men can’t handle such women.

  1. She asks a lot of deep questions. An intelligent woman won’t ask silly questions. Because men feel insecure that they don’t know that much about every subject, they are afraid that they won’t be able to answer deep questions raised by such women. Such questions include “What are your life goals?”, “What is your main dream”, “What makes you happy?”, etc.
  2. A deep woman is honest. She doesn’t play childish games and won’t justify your impulsive actions or decisions. If you agree to meet on a certain time and you don’t make it, she won’t give you excuses. She will tell you exactly what’s on her mind. There is a bright side to it – a deep woman rarely tells a lie.
  3. She knows what she wants. There is a stereotype which says that women don’t know what they want. One day they are happy and another one they are sad. Deep women know exactly what they want. When it comes to choosing a partner, they stick to their ideals and won’t settle for anything less.
  4. She wants a deep and serious relationship. If you are with her just to fool around or to play games, she won’t stay in a relationship with you. She won’t let you play with her feelings. A deep woman is only satisfied when she has serious and lasting relationships.
  5. A deep woman is not afraid to be intimate. Intimacy is a huge part of a relationship for deep women. They value the beauty of it. You can be sure that such a woman really likes you if she isn’t afraid to physically touch you and get intimate.

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