5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Most Men Make

When relationship bonds are broken, both partners carry the same blame. Some people believe that it is usually one person’s fault but if someone behaves badly, it gives a reason the other half to behave badly, too.

In this article, we will focus on mistakes which men do and in order for their other halves to change, they need to change their behavior first. Thus, below is a list of 5 biggest mistakes men tend to make in relationships.

  1. You don’t give her enough gifts. This mistake is probably the most common one. In the beginning of your relationship you may have showered your partner with many gifts but when more time passes, you don’t feel the need to do it anymore because you have your partner by your side and you don’t put more efforts into getting her attention. However, you have to understand that women always love getting gifts and gift giving is a great way to show love towards her.
  2. You give her the wrong gifts. Giving not what she expects is also a failure and it can harm your relationship. You may buy her gifts which you actually want to have but present it to her and use it as your own. Even after a short period of dating you should be able to guess what she likes and what she doesn’t and in order to strengthen your bond, you need to focus on buying her gifts which she and not you wants to get.
  3. You don’t understand her. We are all different. We have different views and opinions. For men it can be extremely hard to understand their partners and if you are always left misunderstood, you should spend some time talking with her. If after such talks you are still not sure about her, then maybe it is not the right partner for you.
  4. You are intimidated by her. Women with strong personalities can be quite intimidating. However, if she chooses you to be her partner, you shouldn’t be afraid of her. If she notices that you don’t feel comfortable being with her, she will find a guy who won’t be so intimidated.
  5. You don’t treat her as a priority. Women need to know that they are the most important people in your life. Thus, if you constantly postpone dinner plans with her or don’t give her enough attention and instead go to meet your friends or work too late, you are going to fight about every little detail.

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