4 Rude Things People Do That May Be Caused by Anxiety

Anxiety makes people extremely stressed. They constantly feel irritated and feel controlled by their thoughts. Sometimes they can even behave as someone they are not. The easiest way to understand such people is to imagine yourself being extremely anxious and think of behaviors which you would do in such situations.

Below is a list of 4 rude behaviors which people who experience constant anxiety show.

  1. No eye contact. When people are anxious, they are overwhelmed by their emotions. Thus, when you talk with them, it can be quite difficult for them to maintain eye contact as their thoughts drift from one thing to another. Some people who suffer panic attacks caused by anxiety avoid social interactions with others. Also, there are those who when feeling anxious hate to be the center of attention.
  2. Giving short responses. When people are anxious, they don’t find it comfortable talking with others. Thus, if you ask them a question, they would give you a one word answer. Through such kind of behavior, anxious people try to defend themselves when in other people’s eyes they appear as rude and not interested in the outside world.
  3. Non-stop talking. It may sound contradicting to the above point but other people who experience anxiety can talk non-stop. Other people may see such behavior as egoistic and narcissist but the truth is that anxious people don’t like being silent. They would rather talk than listen to their own thoughts. They may even say something which is not related to the subject of conversation.
  4. Cancel plans. When you ask your friend to meet for lunch, he accepts but then as soon as the moment arrives, he cancels such plans. It may be because he is suffering panic attacks and anxiety and don’t want to interact with other people, who in his eyes won’t understand what he is going through.

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