3 Relaxation Techniques to Calm Your Busy Mind

Nowadays people have so much work and responsibilities that they can hardly find time for themselves. In order not to burn out, you need to know how to relax. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you are, you can do the following 3 relaxation techniques in order to rest and calm your constantly working mind.

  1. Closed eyes and exhalation relaxation technique. This technique is the easiest one but it helps a lot if you have a lot of stress going on. You have to take a deep breath and exhale with your eyes closed. When you inhale, open your eyes. Keep repeating exhaling and inhaling with your eyes closed and open for at least 5 minutes and you will calm your mind down. People who practice this technique on a daily basis say that it is the most efficient way to relax if you want an immediate effect.
  2. Closed eyes, covered ears with breathing relaxation technique. This technique is similar to the previous one but in this one you have to cover your ears in order not to be disturbed by the outside noises. The steps are as follows: sit back, take a deep breath, cover your ears with your palms and close your eyes. Then, with your eyes closed and ears covered, listen to what your mind is telling you. At the same time, try to breathe slowly and rhythmically. During this relaxation technique, you can get more in touch with your inner self.
  3. Walk, talk and breathing relaxation technique. This technique involves not only mental movements but also physical ones. You should stop doing whatever you are doing and start walking. When you walk, pay attention to each step. Breathe accordingly to your steps, which will calm your body. Then, try to think about quotes which can motivate you but don’t stop walking and breathing rhythmically. Also, when you inhale, tell yourself out loud that you can do this and you are able to handle this situation. When you exhale, you will become calmer and your mind should be more at peace.

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