10 unique signs you’re an old soul

1. You Seek Out Alone Time.

People with old souls needs time to think and focus on themselves.

Introverts are often considered old souls because they spend time reading and journaling and doing things that make them feel alive, instead of focusing on outwardly sense of purpose.

They live their lives the way they want and find peace by themselves.

Additionally, old souls are picky with people they choose to spend time with. They don’t like superficial relationships. So they would rather be alone than to be with people they don’t relate with. As a result, they are often seen alone.


Because old souls are disinterested in the pursuits and interests of people in their age groups, they find it difficult to make friends with people they can’t relate to. This can turn into a potential problem, as an old soul may find themselves alone often. But, many old souls see the true value of their own company. This introverted nature doesn’t really come from a social preference or temperament – it’s simply a sign of having an old soul.

3. You Listen To Your Intuition.

One of the most prominent old soul signs as a staunch faith in your own judgment. While other people struggle to follow the advice of their inner voice or sometimes don’t even find it easy to hear that voice in the first place, an old soul easily tunes into their intuition and trusts it as a reliable guide to what is right.

Consequently, you’ll usually be drawn to people who fit with you and your values. Plus, you’ll often pick up guiding signs from the universe that others would miss entirely. In addition, your friends will benefit from you sharing your gut feelings.

4. You can handle hearing hard truths.

The truth hurts. Well, for some of us. But if you’re an old soul, you’re “built” to deal with hearing words that are otherwise unpleasant to others. You’re realistic about the realities of life and can accept the way things are with the utmost resiliency.

5. You focus more on what connects people than divides them.

One reason old souls are so good at seeing multiple points of view is they understand that people have a lot more in common than they realize. While most see the differences between individuals and groups, old souls see the points of connection. If this describes you, you’re probably used to being the peacemaker among your family, friends, and colleagues. Again, that’s not because you lack opinions, but rather that you see what’s truly important: the things that bring us together.

6. You’re sensitive and spiritual in nature.

You tend to rely on your gut instinct about things because it’s rarely wrong. You just get “a feeling” about things and can read people well. You feel connected to certain time periods and find yourself more interested in the art, history, or culture from that decade.

7. You tend to be able to “read” other people.

You can tell when someone had bad intentions toward you or someone else. Reading people is something with which you have been gifted for many years now. People just give off different vibes that you can sense.

8. You’re not scared of death.

Old souls know they’re going to die. They understand the transience of life. However, instead of being afraid of this fact, they use it to power them.

Knowing they’re going to die inspires them to follow their dreams.

9. You see the bigger picture.

Old Souls are thoughtful, introspective, and reflect on their innermost thoughts and feelings. They tend to overthink about everything in their lives. They don’t get lost in the superficial details of everyday life but rather look at life from a birds-eye view, analyzing everything as a whole.

10. You want deep connection.

This is why you’re not going out to clubs and noisy bars. You want to have a conversation with someone, you want to connect with them. You don’t want a half-assed friendship, you want a real one. Thus, you focus on deep friendships rather than passers-by.

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